Friday, December 20, 2013

Green Earth Pan by Ozeri,100-Percent PTFE and PFOA Free Review

Guess what I got?  Yea, yea, I know.......  I'm always receiving neat items in exchange for reviews but this one was extra special.  The Green Pan is a frying pan with a non-stick surface that has no toxic properties! It utilizes Greblon!  That's right.......  No PTFE, PFOA or other harmful chemicals.  Now, this doesn't mean a lot to me since I'm not a stickler but some people are,  especially when it comes to putting harmful products into the food we ingest or the tools we use to prepare those things.

 I loved the pan!
I'm not a big cook and I do live on things like fried egg sandwiches.  This pan requires very little oil to cook almost everything I tried in it.  No sticking!  Yah!!!!!  Only a very small amount and you are good to go.

Amazon carries a 10" and a 12" size, as well as the 8" one that I reviewed.  I do intend to order the other two sizes.  I'm thinking my fried chicken will be much healthier with not having to use as much oil.

Ozeri Green Earth Pan comes with a lifetime limited warranty.  Under normal use, from the date of purchase of the original owner.  The instructions give a customer service number and email and give very specific instructions as to the care and use of your new pan!  You can even use this pan in the oven, with a mitt because the handle does get hot!  Ok, I'm thinking cake of cornbread!

I really loved this product and highly recommend it.  It's of the best quality and very sturdy.  I'm thinking it's gonna last me a really long time.

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