Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blow Dryers, Alcohol and Ear Infections

Since becoming an adult, there are some things I just assumed I'd leave behind.  Ear infections top that list!

Several weeks ago, I started having some issues with my ear.  Of course, I let it go too long without doing anything and ended up with excruciating pain that would wake me in the middle of the night.  I gave in and went to our local clinic (one of the many perks of my job) and was given some antibiotic/steroid drops to put in four times a day for ten days.

The doctor asked if I was a swimmer?  Once I finished laughing, I answered "no, only in the shower".  He suggested I buy a bottle of alcohol and after showering and washing my hair, I should put a drop in each ear.  Alcohol evaporates water!  Well, who knew??  The whole time he is talking I'm thinking how my rum is gonna help with an ear pain unless of course, I drink enough of it!

He also suggested that I use the blow dryer to make sure my ears are dry after my shower.  I walked out of that clinic almost laughing.  One of the things I use the blow dryer for is to make sure my feet and between my toes are dry after a shower to keep from leaving my feet wet when I put on my shoes.  My hair is frizzed curly so I don't blow dry it.  So many uses for a modern appliance and none of them for their intended use.  I'm sure you can see me rolling my eyes, here.

So now as I get out of the shower every morning, I'm gonna turn on the blow dryer and dry my feet, pour alcohol in my ears and then blow dry them! I may even take a big swig of the rum just for good measure! This getting old thing sure does suck!

So what have you found to be some of the strangest things you do to ward off the evils of getting older?  Do you blow dry your feet?  Do you put alcohol in your ears?  Do you sleep with garlic in your pillow for health reasons?  Come on, you can tell me!  ;)

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