Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Racism, Hatred or the Royal Baby

The news, the news, the news!  It's a royal baby, heir to the thrown and a cute little cuddleness of joy for all of us to talk about for a while!  Yea, yea, yea, I know some of you are moaning about the news being broadcasting such a far-away event.  No, this will probably never affect us.  No, we will probably never lay eyes on the cute little fella.

Had you rather hear about people killing people?  You want the media to just give us the horror stories of the world around us?  I certainly don't.  I don't want to hear about how our government is in a mess, how people are unemployed, how race is an issue and fuels craziness.  I want to hear some good news once in a while.  

If I hear one more story about riots breaking out because of a horrible event, I may scream.  Yes, a poor young man was shot.  Yes, a trigger-happy community watch gentleman did things that he was told not to do.  A jury found him innocent and everyone looses.  And yes, if they had found him guilty, everyone would still loose!!!   The young man is still dead, his family still grieves, the shooter will live the rest of his life with that over his head and the media has lots to fuel the fire!  I don't have an opinion.  I didn't watch the trial.  I didn't keep up with any of it except what the news reported.  That was way too much for me!!!  So give me a cute little kid born as a royal heir and I can live without the unhappiness of another sad event.  I can live without hearing about how our politicians have gone to hell in a hand basket.  

Just for a few days, let me hear all about the nursery.  Let's guess what they will name him.  Tell me about parents being happy with their new bundle of joy.  They are royalty, for heaven sake!  Just be happy for them.  Most of us can relate to happy things.  Feel their joy and in turn, maybe we might can share a smile or two with people around us. Just for the day.......................

So how about you?  Do you enjoy hearing about Royal babies?

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