Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remembering My Daddy

Floyd Ray Mansfield
1-3-1936 to 10-23-2010

Sometimes words are not enough to express the things I feel. My heart is broken but I’m so thankful that I had the chance to know the man I called Daddy. His laughter, his jokes, the sparkle in his eye, his love for people…. Yes, all people, and his infectious good humor. He played jokes on us and everyone around us and taught us kids the things we needed to know to make it through life. Work hard, go to school, play hard and save a little, always……….

"Strive to gain sound education and value work” and work and work…. “Respect people and be honest” “Live well your life with integrity."
He never let up with his teaching And his opinions, though not always accepted but always from the heart He lived this life an honest man
We learned those lessons, some later than others, but we did learn them. These lessons and the memories will take us through the bad times, the tears and the heavy loss we feel.

Remember the man who walked 100 miles an hour with keys hanging from his belt who could tuck his shirttail in with one hand, while still walking. Remember the man with the loud voice who could repeat a joke over and over just to hear people laugh. Remember that man with the massive, infectious belly laugh. Remember the man who said, “Hey sweetheart, you’re the best looking thing I’ve seen all day” and he didn’t even have to see you to say that. And yes, he had a few other infamous sayings but we probably should leave those unsaid……. What a special gift he was to all whose lives he touched, with his inborn love of people.

Remember the man who drove down the road in a red van with a Styrofoam cup full of coffee held in his teeth, or in his gums because he hated those teeth and they were usually in another cup on the dashboard.
Remember that smile, that signature wink, that way he made each one feel special. Remember the good things he left for each of us. Remember the man who loved to flirt, who worked hard and shared his ideas. Remember the man who gave of himself in time and money and work to a church he loved, to the friends he met, the family he made and the customers he served.

Remember him on that golf cart, tooling along with that fancy hat, looking all distinguished. If he saw a good looking woman, he could actually turn that thing around on a dime. Remember his Wed night Flirt sessions that we called Wing Night. Remember his outlook on life, sick or well, with no complaints. Remember all those hugs and warm smiles. Remember the good times.

There are so many more memories of him but they elude me at the moment.
But always remember him living, I mean really, really living, every day.
Even when he was the sickest, he always had a smile. I hope that I can continue that smile, even when it doesn’t come easy. I hope I can find a piece of him in myself. I hope I can remember those lessons.

I miss you, Daddy………………


  1. What a great post! It will be nine years on June 14th, Flag Day, that I lost my Dad...I hate Flag Day...

  2. I'm sorry, Terri. I guess we never get over that. It gets a little easier but never forgotten. I actually wrote a book about the ordeal. He was pronounced brain-dead after 8 minutes with no oxygen from a heart attack. He lived an additional 5 years and that picture above was taken AFTER the prognosis. ;)

  3. Aw such beautiful memories of your dad

  4. Terri, my heart goes out to you. My dad is still with us, he's 81 and has a deteriorating brain disease. I cherish each moment with this fragile old man that can't really remember me. <3 May your memories keep you warm.

  5. Wow! That was very touching. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you had a great dad, who loved you and loved life. That's a rare commodity these days. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm happy to hear that you have all those memories with your dad.

  6. What a lovely tribute to your Dad. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Aww, your Dad sounds like he was an amazing person! So sorry for your loss. It doesn't get easier, does it? I lost my Dad 10 years ago and still miss him every day.

  8. There is a great country song called "Daddy's hands", I used to listen to this song when I was younger and I always thought it was a great reminder of my dad.


  9. I love this picture of you two!! **hugs**

  10. lovely lovely tribute i love how you spoke your heart out great stuff!!

    1. I actually wrote a book about him... Brain-dead, No Chance of Recovery. It was a great help to me to write about our ordeal

  11. I lost my Dad ten years ago and I still miss him. His favorite number was 333 and whenever that number appears in my daily life I know he is with me. May the wonderful memories you shared give you comfort.

  12. Aww, what a beautiful tribute to your dad! I wish my dad and I were closer...

  13. What a beautiful post. Thankfully, I still have my Dad but you inspire me to keep capturing the great memories before he is gone!

  14. Great post! I lost my dad in 2000 two weeks before my wedding. There is not a day that goes by I do not think of him. I miss him so much.


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