Monday, May 6, 2013

My First Swing at Golf

Many years back, a friend and I decided to take golf lessons. I was sure I'd love it or at least learn some great lessons and be able to hold my own. Here's the story I wrote about that experience...........

The instructor seemed to be a friendly sort. He was all smiles and explained to us how we were going to love hitting little white balls into a hole in the ground with what he called a putter. Now, I've been on a golf course with my father many years ago, and drove the cart for him. There were even times when he would walk the course and I helped pull the bag. That was back when you could still walk a course and not worry about offending people who were faster than you.

"Pick up the putter, place your hands to form a "v" on the shaft, hold your chin up and your buttocks up and back", were the words I was hearing. Now, I'm getting a little older and don't want to complain but there was not much I could do in a position like this. Hitting a golf ball on a tee seemed near impossible.

We started by swinging the putter in our left hand only to show how important our left hand was. We didn't use a ball; just swinging and trying to hit the rubber tee in the ground was hard enough. Then we went to placing our hands correctly, shoulders back, buttocks in the air and swinging wildly to hit a very small ball placed on that rubber tee.

"You can practice at home and know that your stance is correct by placing your buttocks on the wall and swinging the putter without hitting the wall", came his words. I'm getting a mental image of all the sheetrock I would be replacing if Ms. Grace decided to swing a club anywhere near a wall.

I made it through the lesson! Today, I have sore muscles in both arms and the putter is still in the back seat of my car. Friends have said that golf can be an addiction and once I learn to play, I'll want to be out on the course every chance I get. People, I'm here to tell you that I do not need another addiction. I do not have the poise or the determination or the patience to chase a little white ball all over a golf course. Am I missing something?


  1. In my opinion, you aren't missing a darn thing! The sad part about me and golf is that it is the one game I'm utterly fantastic at...and I hate it! lol

  2. In my honest personal opinion, golf is the most stupid sport there is... :)

  3. My brother is an awesome golfer but I have never tried it. But I do know one thing though, watching golf on TV is the most boring thing to do ever!! LOL

  4. I once went to a driving range with my step dad one time and I thought I was going to hit the ball further than him, but I hit it half as far as him. Golf is a difficult game to learn and I have a lot of respect that play, but it's not the game for me.

  5. I would like to start taking golf lessons but they are so expensive!!!

  6. The first time I went to a driving range I was surprised how sore I was afterwards. Muscles I didn't know existed hurt! Plus, I didn't really enjoy it!! I don't think you're missing anything! ;)


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